Volcano Coffee


Volcano Coffee Works is an independent South London coffee roaster founded in 2010. The mind behind it, Kurt Stewart, wanted to bring London the kind of coffee he’d grown up drinking in New Zealand and wished to do so ethically, supporting and honouring the livelihoods of the communities who worked so hard to produce it. Volcano had an excellent business model mostly in the business-to-business space, providing their finest coffees to, among many other places, shared workspaces like WeWork.

Incaloop crossed paths with Volcano Coffee Works in April, and when Incaloop first spoke to them, Volcano was looking at broadening out their business-to-consumer strategy. However, this became an absolute necessity when, in March, the Covid-19 lockdowns began, and the shared workspaces and offices that had provided so much business for Volcano began closing their doors. Volcano needed to hugely, and swiftly, shift focus to driving their product in the direction of the innumerable coffee-drinkers who were now working from home, and Incaloop has made that the primary focus of our campaign strategy.


Using the combined experience of our planning and development team members, Incaloop were able to quickly draw up recommendations for how to adapt Volcano’s online marketing strategy. We built campaigns across a number of networks and platforms that would retarget the existing pool of visitors to Volcano’s website and analysed the full consumer journey to design an intricate conversion funnel that would serve users with relevant and provocative ad imagery and copy on every step of their consideration journey. We poured through vast galleries to hand-pick the ad creative that would effectively resonate with the messages we were serving, alongside thoughtfully written text-only ads and carefully designed video creative.


Since taking lead on Volcano’s digital marketing at the start of April, Incaloop have driven positive strong results across several platforms. The intricate Google Search campaigns and Google Shopping campaigns, that were all set up from scratch, have delivered a strong positive return-on-investment, driving £6,000 in revenue since they were set up. The Facebook campaigns had seen sporadic use across 15 years but had only achieved a 0.12 return-on-investment across the £2,000 poured into it. Since April, as Incaloop took the reigns, this platform has delivered a fantastic near 6.5 return-on-investment driving over £8,600 in revenue.


The website has also seen a huge uptick in the volume of users stopping by. Comparing the previous two months before Incaloop began the marketing push, the Volcano website tracked around 45,000 users. This volume has shot up to over 176,000, a four-fold increase. With the average time a user spends on-site, this equates to a total of nearly 2,000 additional hours that potential Volcano customers are browsing the site. 


During these two months, we’ve kept in very close collaborative contact with Volcano, and have been happily updating them on the fantastic progress that the campaign has been making.