BYBI Beauty


BYBI Bundles – Consciously curated skincare bundles

The brief

Incaloop started working with BYBI, a UK skincare brand who formulate clean and efficacious products when they were still making handmade skincare products from founders, Dominika and Elsie’s kitchen tables. Now a global brand, BYBI can be found in retailers such as Boots, Sephora and Credo as well as having a highly successful online D2C platform.

Conscious of how much plastic waste was being generated by unwanted skincare sets at Christmas, BYBI wanted to find a way to firstly reduce unnecessary packaging waste whilst enabling their customers to build skincare sets of products that they actually wanted. The cherry on top? A scalable discount that increases the more you add to your set.

Incaloop were tasked to bring “BYBI Bundles” to life in under 6 weeks ahead of Black Friday including the development of a marketing launch plan.


The challenge

In order to make the BYBI Bundle shopping experience completely unique and an industry first, It was imperative that we coupled a robust back-end solution with a seamless user interface. 

BYBI’s eCommerce site is built on Shopify which presented us with very limited ways to develop a custom and integrated back-end interface. We, therefore, needed to find a platform that enabled us to seamlessly integrate via Shopify’s API and create the custom solution we envisioned.

With 2 different gift bag sizes to select in a range of 5 colours alongside a catalogue of 15 products, there were over a million different bundle combinations that needed to be created. What’s more every time there was a variation requested by the customer, the app needed to be able to create a new product in Shopify to be added to basket it real-time.

The solution

We worked with BYBI to map out the desired user experience using a selection of wireframes. These wireframes were then used to brief our associate developers and create a technical specification which outlined exactly how we wanted the interface to behave and interact with Shopify.

Our design team then worked to create the front end-user experience including animated interactions which guided the user through the experience and signalled how much the customer was saving with every addition to their bag.

Our developers created a bespoke web-application hosted on a Google Cloud Service that sat alongside Shopify interacting with its API to create dynamic products in real-time based on the customer’s demand. The web application also needed to have the facility to share orders with BYBI’s warehouse the products that had been created so orders could be fulfilled.


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