Marketing Funnel | Applying User Insights to your Marketing Strategy

The marketing platforms brands have at their disposal today gives them the opportunity to speak to prospects like never before. We all know the job we need to do to first introduce what we are offering and then get someone to take an action.

What has traditionally been trickier is 1) identifying where someone is in the purchase journey and 2) how to reach them. The digital signals we give off everyday help with the first and the targeting abilities of digital platforms help with the second.

When you are building our your marketing strategy you will be considering how you move someone from unaware to action. Each step needs a carefully planned target strategy so 1) you are able to identify those signals that show where someone is and 2) you know what message you need to deliver to them to either raise awareness, nurture, drive and action or retarget for repeat purchase. The platforms available allow you to build out your targeting stagey with great detail and if used correctly can set you up for great success.